Mobile 4G LTE Repeater Kit

Mobile 4G LTE Repeater Kit

The Mobile Repeater Kit – MRK™ ia smartly integrated battery powered portable cellular booster solutions designed for rapid deployment into emergency situations where improved cellular reception is required.

We custom integrate the MRK™ with the Cel-Fi , by Nextivity’s cellular booster product line to support one to three cellular carriers.


• 4G / LTE Voice and Data

• Up to 15,000 ft2 (1,500 m2) of Coverage

• 70 to 100 dB systems gain

• Perfect for remote and rugged environments

• Indoor Outdoor NEMA 4 Rated


The challenges of poor cellular coverage; such as remote areas, during manhunts, search and rescue operations, hurricane impact areas, conference centers, medical pop-up locations, wildfire base camps and forward areas as well as parking garages, concrete and metal structures.


Our Mobile Repeater Kits (MRK™) can be a standard tool for Public Safety Equipment, as not all areas have good cellular coverage. 

Pick the Mobile Repeater Kit that’s right for your situation:

  •  Single Cel-Fi Booster
  • 1 – 3 Cel-Fi Boosters configuration


Battery Technology: The battery is a 12.8 volt 8 AH (100 Watt hour) LiFePO4 bank. Run Time (estimated): 4-8 hours (estimated)

Charging: The internal three stage charge controller will accept 14-18 vdc and up to a 60 watt solar panel. The included wall charger will charge the system in approximately 90 minutes. The internal Battery Protection Circuit prevents overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuits. The volt meter continuously displays the system voltage, and reacts to confirm solar or AC charging. The USB driver is independent, switched, and is 3 amps.

Antenna Accessory Kit Includes: Indoor/Outdoor Wideband Directional Yagi, Outdoor Donor Antenna, Antenna Ceiling/Wall Mount, Antenna Pole Mount