The MBK™ Lite Fully Integrated (FI) is a 4G/LTE solution designed for customers who need a small form factor kit. Contains the CradlePoint IBR-900 with fully integrated antennas and a LifePo4 battery power management system.


MBK™ Lite is intuitive, a simple to use budget conscience 4G/LTE Mobile Broadband Solutions that are tailored to each customers demanding requirements.

The MBK™ are deployable globally to provide internet backhaul from eastern Europe, Mongolia, Africa, Afghanistan to Korea, and the Asia Pacific.

Leveraging the world’s cellular carrier’s 4G/LTE networks enables our customers to utilize our MBK™ for hospital and medical operations, pop-up testing locations, field hospitals, clinics, staff work, engineering work, run their businesses, law enforcement, disaster preparedness, first responders, fire departments, emergency management offices and DoD units.

The MBK™ are fielded across two US Army programs of records, the USAF, USN, USMC and federal agencies. Our MBK’s are FEMA TRM “Approved product listed”.


MBK’s are used globally for:

  • Grab-n-Go network access
  • NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft and Scientist University Professors for classes and research in the field ATAK – Blue Force backhaul
  • TeleHealth
  • TeleMedicine
  • Tele-Aid Station Operations
  • Hospital Disaster Kit
  • Blood Drive Network Kit
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Health & Human Services (HHS) Refuge Children Case workers Wildfire Operations
  • Flood Operations
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • FEMA Operations
  • Airfield Operations (FEMA) Tsunami
  • Tactical Operations Centers
  • Comms-on-the-Move (COTM)
  • In-Flight Helicopter Network Access
  • Classified Networks backhaul (NIPR, SIPR and Coalition) (GRRIP)