MBK-900 FI

MBK-900 FI

The MBK™ 900 Fully Integrated (FI) is a 4G/LTE solutions ideal for the customers with a longer battery run time. Contains the CradlePoint IBR-900 with second modem, a ClearRF amplifier, fully integrated antennas and a LifePo4 battery power management system. 


The MBK-900 series are intelligently designed portable 4G/LTE networking systems configured with dual embedded LTE Advanced 600 Mbps 4G LTE modems. These modems support worldwide, SIM-based, auto-carrier selection. The MBK-900 provides both 802.11 wireless and ethernet networking options.





  • Specs

    Weight 19 lbs
    Dimensions 14.7 × 10.2 × 6.1 in
    Number of Devices/Users


    Battery Technology

    12.8 volt 8 AH (100 Watt hour) LiFePO4 bank

    Run Time

    11-14 hours (Estimated)