Mission Ready!

Mobile Broadband Kit MBK-1900

Rapidly Deployable Secure WiFi/4G/5G 
Portable Networking

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Mobile Broadband Kits MBK™

Leveraging the world’s cellular carrier’s 5G/4G/LTE networks, MBK™ systems are used globally for:

  • Search and Rescue

  • Flood Operations

  • Emergency Management

  • Police and Fire Operations

  • Humanitarian Assistance

  • Military Operations

  • Construction Sites

  • Disaster Preparedness

  • Airfield Operations

  • Deptartment of Defence (DoD)  units

  • Business Continuity

Field Proven, 3500 MBK's supplied to
U.S. Department of Defence, They work!

Tech Kits

What are they?

Tech Kit's are a collection of connectivity devices, smart glasses, and software that are kitted together in portable handheld cases.


Tech Kits are for organisations with field service technicians and emergency services personal who need access to critical business systems, reference material, digital workflows, or remote expert assistance to complete their tasks in the field, securely.

You can now deploy a Tech Kit or have one on-site as a business continuity practice for those moments when your field team need support. Your experienced staff, supplier experts and supporting team members can now help those in the field with break/fix, instructional advice via handsfree "See what I see" technology.

We can help you; send a Tech Kit today!

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Frontline Solutions

Tech Kit's comprise of 3 key components....

Mobile Broadband Kits (MBKs)

Portable pop-up networks

Deploy Military spec 4G/5G /Satellite Mobile Broadband Kit's (MBK) to act as pop-up Software Defined Networks for your team to access critical apps and digital systems.

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RealWear Navigator 500 | Vuzix M400

Connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data and much more. Capture videos of experienced staff performing tasks which can be shared for training purposes.


TeamViewer | Teams | Zoom | Librestream

Remote support solutions that provide easy, fast, and secure augmented reality-powered visual assistance to identify and solve problems from anywhere in the world.


What We Do

Frontline Worker Technology

We help your organisation define and deploy a securely connected worker strategy. Consider how your frontline team operates in the real world and determine the most appropriate Internet connectivity, next-generation industrial-strength assisted reality glasses and suitable collaboration software for your use case.

We know that every Kit we build requires hard-earned skills, an understanding of core processes, dedication, and a daring attitude. Feel free to contact us and learn what this smart tech can do for your frontline.